New social movements and reform process in Iran (with an emphasis on Alberto Meluchi) | سید امیرحسین بنی اشراف

Mohammad Abolfathi 1, Zahra Korani 2, Seyyed AmirHossein BaniAshraf 3

Received: 08/05/2016; Accepted with revision: 09/27/2016; Published: 11/02/2016

Abstract: The current research through using descriptive analysis aims at investigating the new social movements and matching the components of this movement with the reform movement in Iran. The results of the present study are that some features of the new social movements are consistent with the reform movement while this is not the case for others. The similarities of reform process with new social movements can be seen in the use of media and civil society development. But new movements usually take place in modern societies and in a social context in which modernity is completely realized. While the reform movement in Iran due to the lack of economic and social conditions of post Fordism and post-industrial unlike the new social movements lacks cultural and identity features.
Keywords:new social movements, identity politics, the reform movement, the civil society.

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